Flinn Grant Recipient Spotlight: Vista Maria  

Since 1883, Vista Maria has been helping youth and their families heal from abuse, neglect and trauma through specialty mental health treatment for females ages 11-18 and community-based programs for youth ages 0-24. 

Vista Maria’s services include alternative education and after-school programs, foster care and adoption services, family wraparound support, and transitional living programs for young adults who are homeless or have aged out of the child welfare system. It is also the only licensed emergency intake and treatment housing program in Michigan for adolescent female survivors of human trafficking. 

“Through our programming, we are working to help vulnerable youth and families in Michigan realize a life beyond trauma, ignite a life of possibilities and heal,” says Meredith Reese, Chief Integrated & Behavioral Health Officer. 

In 2021, to further enhance its staff’s training, Vista Maria turned to the Flinn Foundation to apply for its Capacity Building Opportunities. The agency was awarded $50,000 (its second grant from the Flinn Foundation; its first was in 2019). This year, Vista Maria is utilizing the $50,000 grant to provide clinical competency building opportunities.

“This training support allows Vista Maria to implement trauma-informed practices throughout the agency,” says Andrea Cole, executive director and CEO of the Flinn Foundation.

Reese says there are four areas in which staff will be trained:

“Vista Maria shares in the Flinn Foundation’s advocacy efforts to build awareness of mental health issues and end the stigmatization of mental illness, especially for adolescent-aged youth,” Reese says. “We commend our partner, the Flinn Foundation, for standing up for those who may not have a voice or may not have the resources they need to heal and recover.”

Each year, the Ethel & James Flinn Foundation provides grants to southeast Michigan organizations who are doing their part to promote mental health awareness, access and understanding. Those interested in applying for a grant from the Flinn Foundation have until July 21, 2022 at 4 p.m. ET to submit their application.