Capacity Building & Advocacy

Why Are We Funding Capacity Building?

The Foundation recognizes the importance for organizations to build capacity to maintain quality services. The Foundation awards annual one-year grants ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 to a broader universe of non-profit service providers to improve the quality, scope and delivery of mental health services.


Advocacy is one of the most important steps towards ending stigmatization of mental illness. There is an observed prevalence of misinformation, fear and aversions to speaking about our experiences so as to not be branded as abnormal by our peers. There is also a need to standardize early intervention in primary care settings so that mental health conditions are diagnosed early and behavioral health services are normalized as part of routine healthcare that addresses the whole person. Michigan can achieve the following goals for its population:

The Foundation recognizes the importance of strengthening resources to grass root volunteer advocacy organizations and allocates $200,000 annually to a select group of organizations. We award mini-grants to small community led programs through our Awareness, Education, and Outreach RFP. The Foundation also supports public awareness efforts through partnerships with Metro Parent and Bridge Magazines.