707 Crisis Care Center Now Open in Detroit

This always-open crisis center offers walk-in support to adults, children and adolescents with no referral needed. Find out what makes it unique.

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Early Childhood Support Clinic Pioneers Integrated Care for Families

High-quality integrated care for young children helps parents raise happy, healthy children. Learn how this model works.

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2024 Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The Ethel and James Flinn Foundation is pleased to announce that we are accepting proposals from non-profit organizations that deliver mental health care and services in southeast […]

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Ethel and James Flinn Foundation Trustee, Leonard W. Smith passed away on January 21, 2024 at age 89

Leonard Smith was a knowledgeable and respected foundation leader, dedicated steward, and mentor to many over his career. “I will be forever thankful for Leonard’s […]

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What NAMI Gives Communities and What NAMI Needs Most in Return

To recognize Mental Health Awareness Month, we share what makes the National Alliance on Mental Illness the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization — and what you can do to help it thrive.

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How the Boys and Girls Clubs Help Detroit Kids Become ‘Mentally Fit’

Helping kids build strong lifelong mental health skills is a big goal, but a unique partnership between Wayne State University and Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeastern Michigan is making it possible.

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How a Wellness Plan Helps Charita Cole Brown Thrive

Charita Cole Brown is a board member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She’s also living well with a bipolar disorder diagnosis, thanks in part to her wellness plan. Learn more.

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Charita Cole Brown Breaks the Silence and Lives Well With Bipolar Disorder

What does it mean to defy the verdict of the effect bipolar disorder can have on your life? Charita Cole Brown breaks down stigma and shares her story.

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