Ethel and James Flinn Foundation Trustee, Leonard W. Smith passed away on January 21, 2024 at age 89

Leonard Smith was a knowledgeable and respected foundation leader, dedicated steward, and mentor to many over his career. “I will be forever thankful for Leonard’s […]

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Charita Cole Brown Breaks the Silence and Lives Well With Bipolar Disorder

What does it mean to defy the verdict of the effect bipolar disorder can have on your life? Charita Cole Brown breaks down stigma and shares her story.

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Encourage Me, I’m Young Empowers Boys for Positive Futures

To address educational disparities and nurture father-son relationships, Calvin Mann supports Black boys to overcome societal challenges. Through comprehensive programming, EMIY champions character-building, self-respect and mental health.

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Jack Kresnak’s Career Advocacy for Children Elevates Flinn Foundation’s Mission

Meet Flinn Trustee Jack Kresnak, a career journalist who highlighted the need for system change for Michigan kids. Learn more about Kresnak’s impact, then and now.

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The Family Center: Diverse Programs, Curated Resources, Compassionate Support

Building happier, healthier families is at the heart of The Family Center’s mission. Learn more about this dynamic organization.

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Trauma-Informed Care at Avalon Healing Center Empowers Survivors of Sexual Violence

Through an innovative trauma-informed care model, Avalon is solely focused on supporting survivors of sexual assault. Learn why this matters.

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Zaman International Empowers Women and Children

Advancing the lives of marginalized women and children in southeast Michigan — and globally — grew from a belief in humanity. Learn more about the work of this longstanding organization.

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Susan Perlin

Sue Perlin Brings Significant Experience to the Flinn Board

Meet Sue Perlin, Vice-Chair of Flinn’s Board of Trustees, and learn about the background in not-for-profit organization support she brings.

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