How a Simple Bike Ride Can Make a Big Difference

By Andrea Cole

My husband, Kelvin, and I starting riding our bikes during the pandemic. It was a safe way for us to get out of the house, get some fresh air and exercise. Kelvin is more disciplined than me and sometimes I would want to talk my way out of going.

But as time passed, I found myself looking forward to our daily trips.

I created a playlist of my favorite songs and it was so relaxing. Kelvin created different paths for us and we rode through subdivisions near us. Seeing people out and about gave us a sense of normalcy. We also met families we never saw before the pandemic.

It’s funny how you can live on the same street for years and not know your own neighbors.

Those simple bike rides do so much for my mental health. I feel better and it gives me a break from the computer during the day. This winter was pretty cold, so we are starting to get out again now that it’s warming up.

I didn’t realize how much better it makes me feel until weather stopped us for a couple of months.

Even if bike riding isn’t for you, you can still find a simple thing to do that makes you feel good. Once you get a routine, it becomes easier and you have something to look forward to.

These two years have not been easy for any of us, and it’s important that we stay connected to some sense of normalcy. Tapping into something we enjoy doing that’s easy to commit to is key.

Whether it’s listening to music, taking a walk or riding a bike, just DO it! It can make a huge positive impact on your mind, body and soul.